Frequently Asked Questions
What are visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can visit at one time?

Small groups are welcome to visit patients in their bedrooms. While we do not limit the number of visitors at one time, we ask that large groups meet with their loved one in our dining room or outside patio for the consideration of other patients.

Is there any private space available to use?

We do not offer private space for families to reserve, but we do have a lovely outside garden with tables, chairs, and umbrellas that visitors and residents may use.

Can children visit?

Yes, children are allowed. We ask that all visitors refrain from visiting if they are sick or have any symptoms of illness. If children visit, we ask that they are mindful of noise levels.

Can we bring a family pet to the facility?

Yes. We ask that you clean up after your pet and take proper safety measures. All pets must have current vaccinations and remain on a leash at all times.

Can I take my loved one home for a visit?

Patients may take a leave of absence only with a physician’s authorization, which can be arranged through the nursing staff. Upon arrival and departure, the patient or responsible party must sign the leave-of-absence log located at the nurses station.

Can patients receive mail?

Mail is delivered to patients personally on a daily basis except for weekends and holidays.

Berkley West Healthcare Center
Attn: ___________________ Room No. _____
1623 Arizona Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Is smoking permitted in the facility?

We are a non-smoking facility.

Can I bring in my loved one’s favorite food?

Pending dietary restrictions.

How often will a physician or health professional visit?

Patients receive a doctor’s visit once in the first 72 hours that they are admitted. After the 72-hour period, doctors are required to visit the patient once every 30 days. We have a doctor or health professional visit the building at least once a week.

How do I find out about activities provided for patients?

Our activities staff posts a daily activities calendar in each patient’s room. Please refer to this calendar for upcoming events, mealtimes, and socials.

What role do social services play?

Our social services team assists both patients and their families during transition periods. They also provide essential information, manage requests and concerns, and help in care and discharge planning for each patient. They can arrange professional services for dental, vision, podiatry, audiology, power of attorney, dementia assessment, psychosocial and psychiatric evaluation, and individual therapy.

Can a patient request a haircut at the facility?

Yes, We have a beautician available in the building every Thursday. Patients can visit the front desk for appointments and details.

Will my loved one’s room have a television?

Each room is equipped with a personal television and full cable access.

Will my loved one have telephone access?

Yes. Each bedside has phone access. Patients are also welcome to bring their own cell phones.

Will my loved one have internet access?

Free Wi-Fi internet is provided for residents and their guests.

How often will the therapy staff work with a rehabilitation patient?

Each patient will be evaluated to determine their individual rehabilitation needs. Typically, our therapy staff treats patients five days a week.

Who do I talk to about questions regarding financials, billing, and/or admission paperwork?

For all related questions, please visit our front office. Our business office manager addresses all financial and billing concerns. The admissions coordinator will guide you through the necessary forms required on admission and review the rules and regulations regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and various insurances. The admissions office will come to the patient’s room to do a paper signing or call the family to schedule a signing. The business office manager will explain all financials/billing.

Will Medicare cover my stay in the facility?

Generally, Medicare pays for 100% of your stay during the first 20 days of care. After the 20th day, Medicare requires a daily co-insurance copay of $176 a day for 2020. Medicare does not cover skilled nursing fees beyond 100 days.

Who do I talk to about food preferences?

Our registered dietitian and/or food service director interviews new residents upon admission in regard to food preferences and special needs. Our food service personnel prepare all the meals. Alternate dishes will be available upon request.

What is an ombudsman?

An ombudsman is an advocate for patients. They are a third-party person NOT employed by the facility who comes by periodically to monitor the activities going on. They do not direct the facility but can serve as a voice for a patient with a concern.