Life at Berkley West

We Are Here for You

Our Family Caring for Yours

We value every patient who walks through our doors, and we are determined to help him or her succeed. We accomplish this by establishing a personalized care approach for each patient.

Upon arrival, patients meet one-on-one with a team member to discuss treatment plans, receive instructions, and review frequently asked questions. 

Our highly trained team of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nursing assistants are available 24/7. They offer loving and personalized assistance every day. 


 Life Tastes Good at Berkley West

Proper nutrition is crucial throughout the recovery process. That is why we do our best to help our patients maintain a healthy and balanced diet during their stay.

When a new patient is admitted into Berkley West, he or she speaks with our dietary specialist to discuss dietary restrictions and needs. After learning of the patient’s medical history and health needs, our dietitian creates a customized meal plan that is displayed on a dietary card for our staff to refer to during mealtimes.

We create an incredible dining experience by providing patients with home-cooked meals, a spacious dining room, and an outside dining area with tables, chairs, and umbrellas. Patients are also welcome to eat in the comfort of their bedrooms if they prefer.

We provide a variety of beverages and healthy snacks during non-mealtime hours.

Never Too Old to Enjoy Life

The best type of therapy is allowing our patients to do what they love with the people that they love. That is why we encourage social interaction among our patients and provide opportunities for them to pursue their passions.

Each month, we hold council meetings for patients and their family members. During this meeting, participants are invited to share their ideas and plan future activities and events. We invite all family members to support their loved one by participating.

Once patients plan activities, our activities staff gather the required materials and plan the events. Below are some of the activities the department holds regularly:

Card Games

Board Games

Arts and Crafts

Television Shows

Friday Afternoon Socials

Weekly Outings

Weekly Entertainment

Birthday Singing Grams

Holiday Parties and Festivities

*Each resident has unique limitations—some more severe than others. To combat these limitations, we break our residents into groups based on their level of ability. This ensures that all residents can interact with others and develop new hobbies without exceeding their comfort level.